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Biography of Ian Moilliet

Ian Moilliet (pronounced Moil’ yet) has lived his entire life on Aveley Ranch which is situated in the heart of the North Thompson Valley in B.C. He is the third generation to carry on in the family sheep business on the 105 yr. old ranch. His grandfather, Theodore Albert Moilliet homesteaded in 1906 and started in sheep by 1913. His father, John Keir, carried on what his father began. Ian began pastoring "Vavenby Christian Church" in 1976 in the nearby village and continues to this day.

Over the years of shepherding his flock and pastoring his church Ian began to see the similarities between the two kinds of sheep. The Shepherd’s Heart has come out of that observation and out of his success and failures as the shepherd of the woolly sheep and the people sheep.

Ian married Karen Scruggs in May 1974. Together they have raised 7 children. They continue to live on Aveley Ranch near the village of Vavenby, B.C.

“I believe success is being faithful to what God has called us to, our accomplishment of that call, and in our relationships.” –Ian Moilliet

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Ian Moilliet

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